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VoIP Service Helps Small Businesses During COVID-19

COVID-19 has taught us that during a global crisis, nothing is more important than communication.

Small business owners know this more than anyone. Running a business while employees are forced to work from home has been complicated to say the least. Effective communication ensures that companies of all sizes can keep their businesses running in a time of crises.

VoIP, voice over internet protocol, has been the perfect solution for businesses to communicate and get work done, remotely.


According to a recent Forbes article, up to half of American workers are doing their jobs from home, double the rate in 2017-2018, the study estimates.

What Are VoIP Benefits For Small Businesses?

  • Remote Employees

Due to the shelter in place orders, employees are being forced to work at home. VoIP service allows for flexible working opportunities. You can ensure your employees are healthy and safe but still able to do their job from anywhere. VoIP service gives your employees a business communication system right in their home.

All they need to set up a VoIP system is WiFi. Your business does not have to be put on pause because of the Pandemic. This communication system means busineses can continue as usual. Employees can keep in touch with you and clients no matter where they have to work from.

  • Easy Set Up

The best thing about VoIP is the easy set up. During a pandemic it is important to stay sheltered at home and safe. VoIP can be delivered and installed remotely. No one has to enter your employees home and risk spreading the virus. 

VoIP providers can set up service over the phone. All they need is access to employees’ computers. It really is that easy.

  • Packages

VoIP providers typcialy offer different packages to fit business size needs. A great example would be call queuing features. If you have a skeleton crew working during the pandemic this is an ideal feature for your remote employees. Customers know that right now call-wait times are long. Call queuing will ensure you don’t lose any of your clients and customers.

Find out what VoIP providers offer in terms of cost and service packages. There is surely something to fit your specific business needs.

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Small Business Evolution

VoIP benefits during Coronavirus should have your business evolving as a leader in remote work communications . The pandemic does not have to interrup business or the financial well-being of your employees. With this affordable service, you can continue to grow and not fear more loss during these unprecedented times .

Finding ways to evolve in this ever-changing landscape will ensure you and yoru employees can still see success.

How We Can Help

We understand that these are very difficult times. We are here for you. With more than 30 years combined experience in the industry, our executive team works with small businesses and even enterprise-level accounts. We help you find VoIP from leading technology companies that can provide you with the very best communication services.

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